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The Only Answer to Success: You Were Born to be a Champion
By Dr. Leonard Coldwell

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"What Dr Leonard Coldwell did for our company is a world class performance. "

—Dr. Reinfried Pohl CEO and Owner of the largest

financial consulting company in Europe. DVAG

"Dr Coldwell, Keep up the great work"

—Zig Ziglar Mega bestselling author and success trainer of the world class.

Outstanding relationships with their colleagues, contentment, stability, a life filled with enthusiasm and passion, with inner harmony, happiness, vitality, health and strength; these will become a part of the readers life when they apply Dr. Coldwells IBMS™ principles. Anyone can reach freedom and the feeling of being in charge of their own life, because freedom means to be free of manipulation, of outside influence and deception; everyone can be free of fear and free of the past.

In his lifetime, Dr. Leonard Coldwell has:

  • seen over 35,000 patients
  • had a 92.2% success rate with cancer and other illnesses
  • had over 2.2 million seminar attendees that wrote to him, sending in their comments and life stories.
  • He has had over 7 million readers of his newsletters and reports.
  • Dr. Coldwell is the doctor that has, in the opinion of leading experts, the highest cancer cure rate in the world
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coldwell-pic1Dr. Leonard Coldwell is an Expert on cancer and stress related illnesses - a Former general physician, NMD, PhD, CNHP - Leading health, motivation and success researcher - Consultant and trainer for many companies, organizations, medical institutions, politicians, top athletes and business executives - Founder of the "Modern Therapy Centers" and the "Foundation for Crime and Drug Free Schools and Health for Children." Dr. Coldwell is also President of the World Wellness Organization.™

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The Coldwell Promise

Dear Reader,

I promise that if you read and practice this program your life will never be as it was before. You will learn how to take charge of your feelings, your behavior and your energy so you will finally be able to take control over every part of your life.

Your future will no longer be a fearful, unaccountable and uncontrollable occurrence, lacking conscious design, but the logical result of conscious planning.

This book you hold in your hands is a powerful manual that can change every area of your life. It will help you to turn your life and the lives of those around you into an adventure, an experience, a pleasure, and above all it will offer you the opportunity to be free of the influence and manipulation of others.

With the information contained in these pages you will at last have the opportunity to use your unlimited potential every day, so you can make your life continuously more successful, harmonious, content and happy. In short, you now have the opportunity to change your life forever and to shape it into the masterpiece it should be.

Your new friend

—Dr. Leonard Coldwell

I have written this book with the latest information pertaining to the science of success, success training and conditioning, and with the information made available in personal motivational conditioning. Stress is simply the response to a threat, real or imagined, and the more we feel our life is threatened (whether it's financially, physically, mentally or a relationship, a job situation, or simply the need for life's recognition from our peers etc. ) the better the chance that this stress will either trigger a flight or fight response.

Stress is triggered when we feel we cannot fight or run away from a dead-end job or relationship and we feel we are stuck with it. The more we hate our situation or cannot stand it anymore, the more mental and emotional stress we create—feeling of helplessness—causing depression or/and anxiety. Mental and emotional stress is the main cause—86% to 95%—of all illness. Illnesses are usually caused by living in constant fears, worries doubts, lack of self love and self esteem, hopelessness and most of all lack of success in all parts of life.

Anxiety is simply the reaction to stress, causing you to feel overwhelmed by life itself or certain parts of life or tasks, goals etc. Depression is nothing less then the knowledge life could be better than it is right now—the feeling of losing, being out of control or simply having no hope! Depression and anxiety is always caused by not doing the right actions and not having a true foundation built on your own individual personality, your individual character traits, your common sense and instinct! Living with compromises against yourself on a regular basis is the guarantee for one or all: Stress, Anxiety or Depression.

With this book I will help you to create a stress, anxiety and depression proof life! I will give you the educational tools and coaching you need to learn how to see and treat life's "problems" and how to turn them into "challenges," and I will give you the knowledge and action plans to take on this great opportunity—this great change that we call "LIFE" in a manner that will enable you to always have your individual: "Only Answer to Success."





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