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This work is written with a biblical stance that can greatly enhance your ministry.

—Perry J. Jones, Senior Pastor

Messiah Baptist Church

Los Angeles, California

Addiction is a serious, real and prevalent problem in our society and yes, even in the church. Dr. Davis has written a book that deals thoroughly with the subject of substance abuse and addiction.

—Dr. Mark A. Crook

Dean of Psychology/Christian Counseling

Louisiana Baptist University

Shreveport, Louisiana

Lost But Not Hopeless is an excellent study source for the clergy and layman. I encourage and challenge each reader to deal with the real issues of alcoholism and drug addictions.

—Kevin A. Payne, Senior Pastor

Church of Divine Guidance

Los Angeles, California


Lost But Not Hopeless 

240 pages


ISBN 978-0-9728899-8-8



Wendell J. Davis, Sr. received his Ph.D. from Louisiana Baptist University. He is the founder and President of Trinity in His House Foundation of California, which offers transitional housing, counseling and many different social service needs throughout Southern California. He is married to Trevina Davis and has a son, Wendell Jr, and daughter, Wenikka.


Introduction to book

Substance abuse causes you to become lost in a life of addiction and abuse, often times finding yourself feeling hopeless while in the church. “Lost, but not hopeless,” is a subject that is practically never discussed in the church or religious settings. Although substance abuse has begun to pick-up its pace more through Alcoholic Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Co-dependent Anonymous, Alanon, Alateen, and many other self-help public education groups. This problem does not only exist in society as a whole, but within the Christian homes, schools, communities, jobs, and yes, within our political Governments in these United States.

There is a problem in our Country with very high death rates of the African-American males, very high rates of incarcerated African-American males due to criminal activity, and substance abuse is the number one contributing factor to these statistics. I have experienced the effects of substance abuse for many years; it has devastated my family, friends, and community for a long time.

During the pass ten years, I have dedicated my time and efforts to education in the areas of drugs, alcohol and the abuse of these diseases. Our Country is in a state of emergency in regards to this disease. More and more families daily have lost their hope, lost their confidence, lost their respect, lost their opportunities in life, lost their directions, and lost their relationship with God because of substance abuse. This problem is not going to go away on its own. We must all take enough time out to help our brothers and sisters in the Lord. We are all God's children black, white, brown, green and yellow. Before I precede any further, let us look at the definition of the words; lost, hopeless, and substance abuse.

Lost or loss - deprivation; something taken away, misplaced, wasted, no longer in one's possession; no longer in evidence.

Hopeless - no desire or any anticipation with expectation of fulfillment; no confidence at all. 

Substance Abuse - the material of which something is made and improperly used that causes harm, any illicit drug or alcohol that causes mind altering and mood altering to an individual which impairs their emotional, psychological and physiological being.1 

Do you know of any one that may be suffering with the disease of alcoholism and drug abuse? If you were to come into contact with someone that needed your assistance with this type of problem, could you help them, would you help them, and if so what means of help do you think you would be able to provide them? These are a few of several questions that we will be able to look at throughout this book. As members of the body of Christ, all saints need to be equipped with the resources to minister to all of those in need of healing. This means that you must be able to reach that lost soul, or the broken and wounded sinner who needs to be renewed within their mind, body and soul. Substance abuse is a subject that no one wants to discuss within the church, and this is causing the church to lose many wounded saints back into the world, because of our lack of knowledge to be able to deal with these conditions, which do exist within our churches concept.  

As I discuss the many different issues that are encountered with substance abuse, I want you to understand that anyone can be delivered from substance abuse through their faith and trust in Jesus Christ. You will find that the road to deliverance is as tough road, but with God all things are possible.


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