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One man asked the rest if they remembered when they knew they had become a man. As each of them answered, one particular answer got me thinking. The man simply said, "When my father called the man out in me." The movie is called Courageous and it's one I would highly recommend any man of any age to watch.

Over the last several years God has placed several boys in my life through my youth ministry who have come from homes where the father figure has had little or no involvement. What little involvement there was usually had a very negative effect on the boy. I believe much of what boys learn about becoming a man has to do with what their fathers teach them. So what about these boys whose fathers are not there to advise or teach them how to be a man? Who calls out the man in them?

That's what this book is about. With input from coaches, teachers, and many Godly men and women I am offering advice on how to be a man of great character. So to answer my own question, "Who calls out the man in a boy whose earthly father wasn't there to call him out? Answer: his Heavenly Father through the wisdom of those who love Him.





Tina L. Martin is a freelance writer who lives in the beautiful city of Bolivar Missouri. She is a member of the Christian Writers Club. Tina has been published in The Baptist Digest and is one of the co-founders for the annual teenage girls conference, SHINE, in Salina Kansas. She has taught several conferences at retreats for women and at youth camps. Tina has worked with youth for the last twenty one years and has many children of her heart who call her “mom.” She has three beautiful children of her own in which she adores passionately.  In her spare time she is currently pursuing her degree in English and Counseling proving the point you are never too old to follow your dreams, so dream BIG!




What Leaders Say

"Choose my instruction rather than silver, and knowledge rather than pure gold. For wisdom is far more valuable than rubies. Nothing you desire can compare with it" (Proverbs 8:10-11).

(Coach Clayton McCullah) "What does it mean to be a man? To be considered 'manly' or 'tough?' That's a good question. The world's view of a man, in my opinion, sends a poor message to boys and adolescent males trying to determine what a man really is."

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Calling Out the Man

The Hamar tribe in Ethiopia place great value on cattle. The boys in the tribe take part in a ceremony in order to become a man. They line the cattle up for bull jumping. This is the last test they must pass before becoming a man and getting married. Basically what takes place is the tribe forms a circle around the cows. The women are whipped to prove courage and in order to accompany a young man during the ceremony. The young man comes naked to the ceremony, jumps on a bull, then starts running across the back of the cattle. If he makes it without falling off he is then considered a man. If he falls, he is whipped, ridiculed and shamed the rest of his life.

The Bullet Ant of the Amazon Rainforest is known as one of the nastiest types of ants. Its name refers to the fact that a sting from one of these ants feels like getting shot with a bullet. Bullet ant's stings are the worst in the insect world. The Satere MawÄ people sew these ants into wicker gloves with the stingers pointing inward. Their young men, some as young as twelve, then put on these gloves containing hundreds if not thousands of Bullet Ants. The boys then must dance around wearing the gloves for anywhere from ten minutes to a half hour. They don't just do this one time though but twenty!

You don't need a ceremony to tell you when you are a man. Sometimes you just need to know what a real man is.

When asked if they knew when you became a man, a group of boys replied with the following answers:

  • When you get your first job.
  • When you start getting body hair.
  • When you have sex.
  • When you get married.
  • When you start driving.
  • When you turn eighteen.
  • When you go to college.
  • When you develop big muscles.
  • The world wants to give us a trashy version of what a real man is. I want to give you a true vision of a real man.
  • A real man does the right thing even when no one is watching and no praise will come his way. They follow rules.
  • A real man will be honest and will keep his promises.
  • A real man will work hard and take care of what he has and anything that is entrusted to him.
  • A real man is loyal. He stands by the people he loves. He knows who is important in his life and he cherishes them.
  • A real man will respect and honor the girls and women in his life. He will not degrade them or let anyone else.
  • A real man protects his mind. He doesn't let trash infiltrate it. He's careful about the media he fills his mind with.
  • A real man honors marriage and waits to give his heart and body to his wife. He understands this is a precious gift that should only be given to her. He commits to God, his wife, family and friends to stay married to one woman for life.
  • A real man loves God with all his heart, mind, strength, and soul. He spends time reading his Bible and talking to God. He attends church regularly and grows in his relationship with God above all else.
  • A real man is not afraid of his feelings and knows his own heart well. He's not afraid of sharing his feelings with others.
  • A real man is courageous and strong. He protects others and will sacrifice himself for them.

(Coach Lance W. Roweton) "Never stop improving yourself. I look at myself as a work in progress. I believe everyone in this world has qualities I want to possess and qualities that I don't. I study literally every person I am around and try to gain from them the qualities that I wish to possess. I got my calm demeanor from my Grandpa Roweton. I got my business ambition from my Dad. I got my tough-minded quality from my dad. My competitiveness is from Dad and my brothers. My quiet confidence is from my Dad. The way I talk to kids on a regular basis when I am coaching is a quality I learned from Ronnie Evans, a coach I coached with at Willard High School. Kids loved to play for him and I wanted kids to love to play for me.

Part of the way I conduct my football program is from Chris Church, the band director at Willard. He still has one of the best programs around. I used to get to school early and sit in my classroom and listen to the way he conducted his band practices because I wanted to be successful like him.

My list goes on and on of people who have influenced me one way or another. How long is your list? I have found that successful people learn from other successful people...and once you have made a success of yourself remember it is the important people that don't mind acting unimportant.... We all need a foundation from which to draw from when it comes to making it in the game of life... I am going to share some thoughts about various topics that have helped me with my own personal journey. I am not an old man so my journey is far from over. I have not made it but feel I am making it because of the men I have modeled myself after. The men who helped me become a man. I am not your father, but I hope when you reflect back on your transition into manhood, you will think of me as one of the men that helped you get there."

"When I was a child, I spoke and thought and reasoned as a child. But when I grew up, I put away childish things" (1 Corinthians 13:11).

The author can be reached at:

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Product Description

There was a scene in a recent movie in which a group of men were sitting around talking about life. One man asked the rest if they remembered when they knew they had become a man. As each of them answered, one particular answer got me thinking. The man simply said, “When my father called the man out in me.” The title of that movie was Courageous. 

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a real man in today’s world? Or maybe you’re just looking for advice on some of life’s important topics for guys such as college, buying a car, dating, love, marriage and raising a family. This book is full of just such advice from men who want to share their wisdom with you, and a mom who just happens to have a boy of her own.

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