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In a world of religious confusion, every Christian needs to know what they believe. This book provides the foundation for Their faith in God. You can download the Kindle version or pdf version of this book and other books written for Christian growth as a gift from 21st Century Ministry Resources, just for signing up. Look for News of our coming new releases in the iGrow series and other Life Group and family study books. We feel it is our mission to provide affordable books to ministries like yours. The print version of iBelieve and Believe can be purchased through us at a discount to ministries. Please contact Dr. Lee Fredrickson at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information or call Lee today at 417-889-4803.







The purpose of this study is to meet a widely felt need for an up-to-date and concise source book on the principal teachings of the Bible. It can be used for Life Groups or small group Bible Studies.

The twelve lessons in this book are designed so that one's Bible becomes a necessary tool to fully understand them. After all, what the Bible says about a matter is much more important than what any human says about it. Most of the Scripture references are not quoted, the rationale being that the author felt it would be more beneficial for the reader to look up and read the references from the Bible itself. For a complete study on Bible Doctrines, download Believe with 42 chapters of indepth reading.

The perfect first book for believers beginning to grapple with the great teachings of Scripture.



believe-kindleBelieve is not intended for scholars; rather it is to serve as a handy guidebook for laymen as well as beginning theology students, assisting them in grasping some of the foundational beliefs that distinguish Believers in Jesus Christ. Not only can theology be a captivating study, it is essential for Christians to know what they believe.

Key Biblical doctrines are addressed that include:



  • - Building a complete and solid biblical foundation for every Christ-follower.



  • - A Thorough examination of biblical teaching about the existence of God, His revelation to us, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, sin, and redemption.






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