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teddy-thumb-150Hi...I'm Teddy

Hi...I'm Teddy is a beautifully illustrated children's book that will teach love for all children. Sure to be a favorite for parents and kids, the book is sold separately or as a set with a precious Teddy Bear.

Barbara Fairchild's vibrant personality, her love for humor and storytelling along with her extraordinary talent for singing country and gospel music make her shows entertaining for the entire family.Her deep faith and sincere love for people makes everyone feel good.

missingThe Missing Member


When an elite group of young people are asked to investigate the kidnapping of a teenager, the case appears cut and dried. But as the Straight-Up Club delves deeper into the mystery, their suspicions lead them to search beyond face value. Trying to piece together a connection with several clues overlooked by the authorities, the club uncovers far more than they ever anticipated in this page turning suspense novel that combines thrilling adventure and faith-building examples for all ages!


Phillip's Crusade

By Charlie Bell

224 pages
Price: $12.99
ISBN 0-9771964-5-3

The children’s crusade of the 12th century is a little known historical event that cost thousands of children their lives. Kings, heavily armed knights, and soldiers left their European homelands in order to “win back” the Holy City, Jerusalem, from the Moslems. Can faith, friendship, and new found strength be enough to help them survive?

heroicalsWillie Venturely can't stand learning about history and its heroes, can't stand listening to his boring teacher, can't stand being around his bothersome twin sister, Tillie, and most of all he can't stand going to the library and doing research. But something new and wonderful is up ahead for Willie when he stumbles on a mysterious compass. The unusual compass draws Willie and his twin sister, into the magical, humorous world of quirky time travelers, Admiral Wright and Captain Perry Parrot who fly in a Shiny Shiny Silver Ship around the world and universe to search for collectibles and clues into the truth about heroes from history. Willie and Tillie learn all about Heroical Storicals and what it means to be a hero by discovering the amazing courage of Daniel Boone in the Battle of Boonesborough. The twins are baffled and intrigued by a most unique word; Heroical-Storical-Observicorical-Researchorical- Scientifical-Mate, however, they are delighted to discover its significance (besides being a very difficult word to pronounce). But most importantly, Willie conquers his fear, Tillie learns that others count, especially her brother, and together they both gain a new vision for learning, growing, discovery and adventure!

The Lion of Judah is a heart-warming story seen through the eyes of a zany cast of stable animals. An adventure with a lovable pig (Horace), a faint-hearted horse (Monty), a finicky rat (Slink), a rambling rooster (Drake), a motherly cow (Esmay), a downtrodden donkey (Jack) and a heroic lamb (Judah). The Storybook is based on the movie of the same name.

"The Lion of Judah" is one of the first CG animated faith based movies set for release in theaters in RealD 3D stereoscopic. This movie will appeal to both secular and faith based markets for different reasons. Faith based families will enjoy the telling of this wonderful story as it delicately combines biblical texture and timing and treats the most impacting events with care and humility. Secular families will enjoy the high quality of CG animation and 3D elements while watching a movie that has a story that inspires and subtly instills moral values.


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