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About the book

Heroical Storicals ( hero.ic.al

stor.ic.als) noun - Extremely

intriguing stories about outstanding

heroes from history.


A Bit of History. . . A Bit of Hero. . . A Lot of Heart and Most of All. . .

A Whole Lot of FUN!


What Kids Say...

I love your book! It's great, every kid should read it!"

- Danny R. 12 years old


"Heroical Storicals has a newness in it that you don't usually find in a book. It makes history come alive. I couldn't stop reading it."

- Brian D. 11 years old


"I like this book because it's exciting, fun and what's cool is you learn from it. It's a great book and I would share it with everyone!"

- Lauren M. 10 years old

What teachers say:

"I liked that Annie emphasized the importance of positive character qualities like perseverance. I remember her saying, 'I crashed through my quitting points with faith, determination and perseverance.' Students need to hear this message!"

- John Daffron 4th Grade Teacher
Newport Heights Elementary School


"I noticed that Annie aligned her talk with the California Language Arts Standards for writing."

- Frank Vaiuso, 5th Grade Teacher
Newport Heights Elementary School


"Annie encouraged my students with the idea that history is fun and interesting. She made it very clear that heroes from history had inspiring lives and character worth learning about."

-Tara Anderson 4th Grade Teacher
Newport Heights Elementary School

Meet the Mates

Admiral Wright:
A British Admiral who has seen it all and with a little encouragement he’ll tell it all. A born storyteller, he loves nothing more than sharing his vast repertoire of absolutely true Heroical Storicals. The Admiral discovers heroes on his world travels aboard the Shiny Shiny Silver Ship. The energetic and enthusiastic Admiral brings to homeport his mysterious streamer trunk packed full with collectibles gathered during his adventurous quest for heroes. The Admiral can’t wait to share his latest Heroical Storical with a rapt audience because he’s enthralled with the stories of the mighty deeds and inspiring character of the heroes "he may get carried away by his own rhetoric at times, but it’s hard to blame him" he’s just crazy about Heroical Storicals!

Captain Perry Parrot is the Admiral’s beloved sidekick, who travels with him in search of heroes. Wacky and quirky the Captain is quick to add his bird’s eye-view to the Admiral’s grand pontifications. The Captain may squabble with the Admiral and offer a different opinion but he remains steadfast in his loyalty and commitment to be the Admirals first mate and true friend.

Willie Venturelyis thoroughly disinterested in school, and Miss Dullywinkle’s boring history lessons, until he meets the Admiral and Captain. Curious adventurous and always ready for action, Willie is the perfect student for the enthusiastic, fun, and inspiring Admiral and Captain!

Tillie Venturely is well meaning but exasperating to her brother Willie. She can’t stop herself from reminding him to pay attention and mind his lessons at school. Tillie learns there are other ways to learn than sitting at a desk and reading a book, thanks to the Admiral and Captain!





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