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There is room on their shelves for your book

logos21st Century Publishing Group is happy to present four imprints. Our main imprint, 21st Century Press is for authors who are writing for a broad market. We have published titles dealing with prophecy, family, spirituality and pretty much everything that deals with the Christian life. On the other hand, 21c Publishers was formed to publish books in the area of holistic medicine and success. Sonship Books for Young Readers is our young reader imprint. Viewpoint Press is for authors who want to get a platform for their message. We will not always agree with their viewpoint. 

Although our books cover a wide variety of subjects, one thing is true of all of them: professional quality. From the editing to the cover design to the pagination of the complete book, we strive for excellence at every level.

Who doesn't want to become a bestselling author who has his or her book on the New York Times bestselling list. Maybe you already envision yourself on the Today Show or on the 700 Club! We have been blessed to have our books and authors featured on the 700 Club!

But the reality is...

brainstormWith over 80,000 books published in the market each year, there is huge competition for shelf space in the stores and to get exposure through the media you need to have experienced an event that is worthy of national attention.

You can decide to go through the process alone if you have the drive and publish your book on-demand. But if you have a platform to present your message and can sell more than 500 books, print on-demand is not for you. Our authors print from 500 to 5,000 or more books through us. Some choose to to go on-demand. We specialize in print on demand, and have established a strong relationship with Amazon and Ingram for the distribution of our on demand titles.The fact is, less than 1 percent of the authors who are published through mainstream publishers get any exposure in the bookstores or through author tours.

At 21st Century Publishing Group you will receive the attention you deserve. We provide collaboration and brainstorming on your title, your cover design will be handled by a graphic artist who has his finger to the changing climate of design. We provide full editorial support by professional editors. In short we will strive to give you an award winning book.Contact us today and we can begin the publishing process worthy of your investment.

Meet our team

Dr. Lee Fredrickson, President and Founder of 21st Century Publishing Group

lee-fredricksonhas over 26 years of experience in the publishing industry. Having worked as an editor and design artist for two national publications, Lee then formed 21st Century Press with two business partners. He has worked with a number of authors and publishers in the design and editing and printing of their books. Lee is committed to publishing books both in print and digital. He has put together a team of designers and illustrators to insure that 21st Century Publishing Group remains cutting edge in everything it does.

Webiob was formed after Lee Fredrickson saw an opportunity to use new and existing technologies to come alongside the publisher and web developer with an interactive book that was online www.webiob.com.

Lee formed 21c Digital as a part of the 21st Century Publishing Group for his authors placement of books on the digital platforms.


Monty Maple, Brand and Marketing Manager 

New-MontyMaple-pichas been a pioneer in the visual communication, branding and product development business for 25 years. His clients have included Fortune 500, International Non-Profits and Churches around the world. His ventures have bridged the gap between causes and commerce, providing a focused set of financial card transaction and marketing solutions to non-profits. He has also consulted with Political and CEO leaders on effective messaging and live event delivery. 

He has done consulting work for major corporate accounts such as Qwest, Ernst and Young, Verio, Make-a-Wish, US West and others. He has had the privilege of working for Governor Owens of Colorado and as a campaign consultant to the George Bush 2000 presidential campaign.


Keith Locke, Creative Designer

keithlockecreatesKeith has over 20 years experience working within the advertising and marketing industry. Keith has worked with the likes of Dreamworks, Universal Studios, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Sports Illustrated, People Magazine, Disney, Lycos, Rush Limbaugh, The Bush Administration, Texas Monthly, Outreach, Inc., Focus on the Family, StudySmarts.com. the Assemblies of God and many more, working on branding, illustration, design, message and character development.





Gary Locke, Digital & Traditional Illustration

Gary-lockeGary draws those amazing Adventures in Odyssey illustrations? Gary Locke's over-the-top sketches have graced projects for Quaker Oats, Pepsi, Warner Bros., Major League Baseball, Fisher-Price, Sports Illustrated, and many others. Gary's strong drawing skills make him perfect for projects that involve character development or zany caricatures, especially of sports and political figures. The award-winning illustrator works out of Rogersville, Mo. surrounded by family and select friends: his wife and three children, a balding ferret, one dog, and several selfish cats. Gary's work is prevalent in all of Adventures in Odyssey's products, ranging from the audio series to books.




Mark Fredrickson, Digital & Traditional Illustration

Mark Fredrickson has worked as an illustrator for over 25 years. His work has appeared numerous times on the covers and inside of Time Magazine, Business Week, Industry Week, Sports Illustrated, Golf Digest, The Village Voice, and many others too numerous to mention.  He has also illustrated many book covers, the poster for the Broadway Show, "Little Shop of Horrors," the posters for Morgan Spurlock's movie,"Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden" and "Dennis the Menace," starring Walter Matthau. His illustrations of Batman and Superman for the DC Comics Licensing Department can be found on toys, clothing and many other products in stores around the world.




Zach Dyer, Animation Director

zach-dyer"Zach Dyer attended college in Springfield, MO graduating with a graphic design associates degree. Zach designed his first interactive online book, "Noah" and "Tumbleweed Tara," with Web IOB. He also studies and draws manga and anime style illustrations that has become a world wide market."







If you have a manuscript and want it published, feel free to call
Lee Fredrickson at

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For mail:

21st Century Press
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We are always happy when a new author has found the way to our door, because opportunity knocks on both sides of it. Maybe one of the imprints from 21st Century Publishing Group will turn out to be the publisher that you have been looking for for so long, and, who knows, maybe you are that one special author who is going to make our day. Feel free to call Lee Fredrickson, President of the group. His contact information can be found below.

21st Century Publishing Group
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PHONE: (417) 889-4803
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