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ipad-3-300-houseDigital Books Remain Strong

One of the largest all-platform publisher for ebooks conducts an informative yearly survey of its authors. The survey is not only useful for gauging the success of various sales strategies. it also provides valuable information on marketing trends.

What does a successful ebook look like? If it is fiction, it is priced between $2.99 and $3.99, is more than 50,000 words, is part of a series, and has been placed on a pre-order list.

writing-adviceWriting Rules From Stephen King

By Erica Verrillo

Normally, I don't like to give people advice about writing. I prefer to offer advice on how to get your writing published, how to deal with the publishing world, how to be a success. I leave the writing instruction manual to other less qualified people – by which I mean famous writers.

These are the people who get big bucks to tell other people how to write. Their publishers figure, "Hey, the guy's famous. People will want to hear how he got there." That much is true; people do want to hear how Stephen King, for example, became a writer. But do famous writers really know anything about writing?



Changes to the Publishing Industry in 2014

For those of us who market authors for a living, we know that 2013, more than any other year, saw bigger changes in marketing books. More in fact, than any prior year. The changes are largely due to the number of books that have come online both in print and digital and, in some cases, in digital only. In fact, the latest figures for books published daily are staggering. Bowker reported that in 2012 there were 3,500 books published each day in the US; this number does not include eBooks since many of them are often published straight to Amazon without ISBN numbers or other means of tracking. It’s a perfect storm for change.

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INTERN is feeling extremely wonderful and happy today and wanted to fill the world with yes's instead of no's, do's instead of don'ts. Here, then, are the ten most wonderful and useful things you can do for your manuscript to give it the best possible chance of growing up big and strong.

Submission Information

We look for unique, quality manuscripts that are well written and will have a positive message for the reader. We expect our authors to be able to easily and plainly express themselves, in both writing and speaking. Please include the following with your submission:

Copyright 101


Welcome to your introduction to intellectual property law. Here goes:

Ideas can't be copyrighted. It's the expression of the idea that's covered. If you have a great idea, and you tell it to the guy sitting at the table next to you and he uses it to write a bestselling book, there's nothing you can do about it.


As an author who wants to be published you are faced with a few options.


Print on Demand... Print on demand gives you the ability to cost effectively print one book at a time, but it's the vertical integration of printing and distribution that makes it a viable model. Currently, the best option for authors wanting print on demand is 21st Century Press. We can print a minimum of 1 to 100 up to 500 print on demand and after that it is best to print traditional.


General guidelines for manuscript submission to 21st Century Publishing Group:


Our publishing group currently has four imprints, 21st Century Press, 21c Publishers, Viewpoint Publishers, Sonship Press. 21st Century Press: We currently are accepting scholarly works, Christian living, personal growth, finances, leadership, prophecy, fiction, devotional, critical church issues, commentaries, under 21st Century Press. 21c Publishers: is an imprint for health related books. Sonship Books: is a children and youth publishing house. Viewpoint Press: If your book is controversial in nature, we might consider it for Viewpoint Press.

Step by step process of getting your book to press?


The managing editorial and production departments oversee the production of your book: they supervise the transformation of your manuscript from a Word Document into a finished book. These departments are at the center of the publishing process.

Here at 21st Century Press, we edit, copyedit, proofread, and typeset on disk. So, let’s start at the very beginning.

Cost of book and marketing Plan for

21st Century Publishing Group

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GETTING YOUR BOOK PRINTED AND INTO THE CHANNELS: Your only expense with 21st Century Publishing Group is the pre-press production of your book and the books you purchase to sell personally.

So, what does 21st Century Publishers Group do?  We have a strategic relationship with Amazon Distribution, the nation’s largest distributor of  books. 

The information that follows provides ideas, examples, and instructions that will help us create a quick, practical marketing plan for your book. This plan is meant to get you started, but effective marketing requires flexibility.

Welcome Home

Glad you discovered us

We are always happy when a new author has found the way to our door, because opportunity knocks on both sides of it. Maybe one of the imprints from 21st Century Publishing Group will turn out to be the publisher that you have been looking for for so long, and, who knows, maybe you are that one special author who is going to make our day. Feel free to call Lee Fredrickson, President of the group. His contact information can be found below.

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