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Shattered Dreams
By Christy Melton Torres


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    • Paperback: 130 pages
    • Publisher: 21st Century Press (November 7, 2013)
    • Language: English
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    • ISBN-13: 978-0991100415
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 I am a saved, blood-bought, fundamental, King James Bible reading, Independent-Baptist. While attending Pacific Coast Baptist Bible College in San Dimas, California, I met my former fiancé, Craigan. Through my faith in God, I was not consumed with bitterness and grief after a major tragedy involving myself and Craigan ensued. Knowing of the promise of eternal life with God gave me hope and truly brought about the miracles of my mind’s restoration and my body’s recovery. During the time I spent recovering, my family depended on the fact that the One who created me could also help bring me back. Through loss and change, I hope my story and Craigan’s story helps you either first come to know Jesus personally in your own heart, or to draw you nearer to Him, maybe even give you victory through some deep valleys in your life.

—Christy Torres



Christy Melton Torres Shattered Dreams is about a life that was changed forever because of one event. However, even a shattered life is made new through faith and trust in Jesus Christ. Throughout this book, Christy shares how God was always in control, guiding every step of her life, and even performing some miracles along the way.

In 2004, Christy met and later married Angel Torres. They live in Missouri with their son Sammy.


What Leaders Say


looked up from my desk to see a young, perky female student come almost skipping into my office. She was the replacement for the last young lady who was charged with the care of the college office complex. She immediately introduced herself with, “Hello, I’m Christy, and I’m here to empty your trash.” It was a divine appointment that neither of us had the slightest inclination as to where it was leading. Each day when Christy came into my office, she greeted me enthusiastically. I like happy people, so I immediately took to her.  Every day when she arrived to perform her custodial duties, I noticed she had a tootsie roll pop bulging from her right cheek. I commented on it, and she informed me it was her favorite little treat to herself. Around that time, one of America’s popular prime time TV shows was about a cop who was very adept at catching the criminals he pursued. The cop was played by Telly Savales whose character named Kojak also had an affinity for tootsie roll pops—so I nicknamed Christy Kojak. From that point on, I never called her by her real name again, only Kojak!

One day Kojak came into the office and I noticed a particular bounce in her step. I asked why she was particularly happy that day and she took the time to tell me about this new “squeeze” she had whose was name was Craigan.  She went on to tell me how she believed he was the one. “He is sooooo nice, and we really care for each other,” she blurted out. 

On a later occasion, she came in sort of melancholy and announced that this week would be her last.  She had applied and been accepted into the employment of the same company as Craigan, and they would be carpooling with a group of students down to Orange County each day for work. She was sad to leave me, but glad for the job opportunity that would bring her and her fiancé closer to their dream of eventual matrimony. I said goodbye to Kojak and told her I would probably see her around campus.

Then the tragedy! 

The car this group of young people were in coming back to campus late one evening after work was hit by a fire truck responding to a call.  The love of her life was killed and she was paralyzed. When I learned of the tragedy, and after waiting for her to recover a bit, I searched as to which hospital she was in and got in my car to pay her a visit. On the way to the hospital, I stopped at a store, and instead of flowers, I bought five tootsie roll pops, arranged them to look like a small bouquet, and headed to her hospital room. When I arrived, she was alone and asleep. As I approached her bedside she opened hooded eyes, gave me a half smile, and said softly, “Kojak!”  A beautiful moment in time for me.

Christy (Kojak) and I have stayed in touch through the ensuing years. One day she handed me a picture that had been intended to be used as an engagement photo of her and Craigan. She asked me to promise to tell her story where ever I go. I have that picture in my pocket New Testament to this day, and I have kept my promise. Along the way I have consistently encouraged her to write down her story and use it to encourage others who have experienced some kind of life-altering tragedy. I told Kojak that if she ever did put it in a book, that I would be glad to write the foreword. I’m proud that “THAT” day is finally here! As you read it, you will be blessed and encouraged.

Congratulations Kojak!  And Godspeed, dear friend, on your exciting journey. Thank you for letting me hang around and be a part!

—J. Otis Leddbetter




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Product Description

There was a scene in a recent movie in which a group of men were sitting around talking about life. One man asked the rest if they remembered when they knew they had become a man. As each of them answered, one particular answer got me thinking. The man simply said, “When my father called the man out in me.” The title of that movie was Courageous. 

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a real man in today’s world? Or maybe you’re just looking for advice on some of life’s important topics for guys such as college, buying a car, dating, love, marriage and raising a family. This book is full of just such advice from men who want to share their wisdom with you, and a mom who just happens to have a boy of her own.

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