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21c digital

21c Digital Is keeping with the future of the printed word in a digital age.

21st Century Press has formed 21c Digital. There are many questions regarding the printed word in a digital age. The publishing world is facing the biggest change in its history that dates back to the Gutenburg Press and book readers of all kinds are looking for answers.

In asking experts in their field about the future of the printed word, the overwhelming response was that there will always be people who love the look and feel of a printed book, magazine or newspaper. These are people who like the design of the printed book and the look of the photographs or illustrations that are included in the printed book. The digital age part of it is all the other things that you can put around the printed matter to enhance the reading experience. I tend to think the ultimate future book will be a hybrid that is digital and print all rolled up in one device or book. The digital book allows us to pull apart the bundle and offer it in different formats, text, video, animation etc. One thing is sure, the word, whether it is in a print format or digital format has a great future in story-telling, and a lot of that future will be in print.

21c Digital Books

At 21c Digital we will convert your book into the format needed to be able to read your book on the four major tablets…those being the Apple iPad, the Amazon Kindle, and the Barnes and Noble Nook and the many Android Tablets. The smartphone is an important piece of real estate for your book. We are converting books into apps that can be purchased on the iTunes store and the Android Apps store.

Email or mail your manuscript today

If you choose to mail the manuscript and want your material to be returned, please include an SASE with sufficient postage. Do not send your only copy, valuable photos or documents. The best way to submit a manuscript is via email. Review can take 30 days or longer.

For mail:

21 st Century Press

2131 W. Republic Rd PMB 211

Springfield, MO 65807

If you have a manuscript and want it published, feel free to call

Lee Fredrickson at

(417) 889-4803

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