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There is room on their shelves for your book

21st Century Press is for authors who are writing for a broad market. We have published titles dealing with prophecy, family, spirituality and pretty much everything that deals with the Christian life.

Although our books cover a wide variety of subjects, one thing is true of all of them: professional quality. From the editing to the cover design to the pagination of the complete book, we strive for excellence at every level.

Who doesn’t want to become a bestselling author who has his or her book on the New York Times bestselling list. Maybe you already envision yourself on the Today Show or on the 700 Club! We have been blessed to have our books and authors featured on the 700 Club!

But the reality is…

  • There are approximately 250,000 active writers in the United States
  • 80,000 books are published (with an International Standard Book Number –  ISBN) in the market each year
  • 76 percent of all books released were self-published (without an ISBN) amounting to 291,000 titles
  • Only 1 percent of all books ever see the shelf of a brick and mortar bookstore.

You can decide to go through the process alone if you have the drive and publish your book on-demand.

If you have a platform to present your message and can sell more than 500 books, print-on-demand is not for you. Our authors purchase from 500 to 5,000 or more books through us.

Our authors do not have the print-on-demand stigma. Through our distribution system, we have a strong relationship with online booksellers such as,, and others, as well as Christian bookstores across the country. 

At 21st Century Press you will receive the attention you deserve. We provide collaboration and brainstorming on your title, your cover design will be handled by a graphic artist who has his finger on the changing climate of design. We provide full editorial support by professional editors. In short, we will strive to give you an award winning book.

Contact us today and we can begin the publishing process worthy of your investment.

Meet the 21c Team

At 21st Century Press, we have a team of experts who will work with you through every step of the process of publishing your book both digital and print.

21c Design Department

At 21st Century Press, everyone is involved in the design process…Here are just a few samples of book covers so you know what to expect from our team of experts.

If you have a manuscript and want it published, feel free to call
Lee Fredrickson at

(417) 889-4803

(or e-mail

For mail:

21st Century Press
2131 W. Republic Rd PMB 211
Springfield, MO 65807

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