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The best thing you can do

This was taken from a blog...good stuff INTERN is feeling extremely wonderful and happy today and wanted to fill the world with yes's instead of no's, do's instead of don'ts. Here, then, are the ten most wonderful and useful things…

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manuscript submission

You have one more click to make to be on your way to being a published author We look for unique, quality manuscripts that are well written and will have a positive message for the reader. We expect our authors…

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Manuscript Review

21st Century Press is ready to publish the next bestseller     You have delivered your message to large and small audiences with rave reviews. They all say, "You should write a book!" You are an expert in your field, You have…

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Digital Books Remain Strong

  Digital books remain strong One of the largest all-platform publisher for ebooks conducts an informative yearly survey of its authors. The survey is not only useful for gauging the success of various sales strategies. It also provides valuable information…

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Digital vs. Print

Do Readers Really Prefer Their Dusty Old Paperbacks To E-Books? Today, 23 percent of all male adults and 33 percent of all female adults in the United States read e-books. In fact, the global e-book industry is worth a whopping…

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21c digital

21c Digital Is keeping with the future of the printed word in a digital age. 21st Century Press has formed 21c Digital. There are many questions regarding the printed word in a digital age. The publishing world is facing the biggest…

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