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Glad you discovered us.

We are always happy when a new author has found the way to our door because opportunity knocks on both sides of it. Maybe 21st Century Press will turn out to be the publisher that you have been looking for for so long, and, who knows, maybe you are that one special author who is going to make our day.

If you want us to review your work, please send us an email found below and let us know who you are and what you have written. Your manuscript will be reviewed by our Acquisitions staff, who will determine whether your book has what we are looking for in a book.

Meanwhile, take your time and look around here to see who and what we are, what kind of books we publish and where our books can be found. But most importantly, we want you to feel at home with 21st Century Press.

If you have a manuscript and want it published, feel free to email or call Lee Fredrickson at:

If you have a manuscript and want it published, feel free to call

Lee Fredrickson at

(417) 889-4803


For mail:

21st Century Press

2131 W. Republic Rd PMB 211

Springfield, MO 65807

Please contact us for more information about our publishing house or our books

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