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Society constantly bombards men with a message that they are no different from women and that their role in society can and should be the same as that of women. Men are confused and demoralized, and American society is suffering as a result.

Lt. General Gerald Boykin

In Mighty Men Stay on Track, Dr. Scarborough coaches the reader on how to live as a Christian man, who wants to be able to say the same thing that Paul did, when he nears the end. Filled with pertinent scriptures, Mighty Men deals with all aspects of the Christian life. The book explains how a man is supposed to treat his wife and family and how to deal with conflict. Dr. Scarborough discusses the differences between men and women and how they communicate or better stated, why men don’t communicate. This book takes the reader through the imperative for managing personal time and using that time wisely and in a balanced fashion. Essentially, this is a book that touches every aspect of life that men ask questions about or that they struggle with.

What to expect when you buy the book

In Mighty Men Stay on Track, Dr. Scarborough coaches the reader on how to live as a Christian man in a world that is increasingly hostile to Christianity. Filled with pertinent scriptures, Mighty Men Stay on Track deals with many aspects of the Christian life that men deal with every day. Topics include marriage, family, rearing children, time management, controlling the tongue, creative thinking, and overcoming obstacles.

 Lt. General (retired) Jerry Boykin calls Mighty Men Stay on Track, “the most unique book he’s ever read for men and unreservedly recommends it for every man who wants to become a Mighty Man.”

A Little about the author

Dr. Rick Scarborough earned a Liberal Arts Degree from Houston Baptist University; a Master of Divinity Degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary; and a Doctor of Ministry Degree from Louisiana Baptist Theological Seminary. He’s also taken courses at Dallas Theological Seminary and Mid-America Theological Seminary as well. Dr. Scarborough and Tommye, his wife, have two grown children, Misty and Richard, and one daughter in Heaven, Kathryn Anne, who finished her assignment here in 2004 at 25 years of age. Misty is married to Daniel Allmond; they have two children, Micah and Alexis. Richard is married to Anny; they have twins, Richard Wayne III and Kaylee Anne. Dr. Scarborough pastored churches in Texas for 21 years. In 1998, he founded Vision America, an organization whose mission is to “inform and mobilize Pastors and their congregations to become salt and light, becoming pro-active in restoring Judeo-Christian values in America.” He speaks to thousands of pastors annually in conferences and special events and enjoys addressing local congregations. Dr. Scarborough is also available to conduct Mighty Men Weekends or a Mighty Men Day. For more information on availability and requirements to host Dr. Scarborough for a weekend or a special day, call 866-522-5582.

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