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Have you ever wondered in your heart, do you love me, Daddy? You are about to share the journeys of two girls as they navigate life.

Sara and I have very different stories to tell.  Whether you are a father or a daughter, this book will touch your heart.  Get out the tissue, find a cozy spot, and join me as I reveal my heart to you, in my search for unconditional love.

The delivery room was filled with excitement and anticipation, moments before they heard the first cry. “It’s a girl!” the doctor announced, and gently placed the baby into her mother’s eager arms. Mother and father were overwhelmed by this precious miracle. When mom handed the baby to her daddy, he embraced his newborn daughter close to his heart. He was bewildered by her very presence, an incredible feeling of love washed over him. He’d never felt this way about anyone, so passionate, so powerful. Gently, he caressed her tiny features. Gazing at her, he began to shed tears of pure joy. Then he whispered to her, “I love you, my precious child. By the grace of God, I will never leave you, you can count on me; I am your champion, your shield, and your provider.”

In a perfect world, all daughters would know this intense love from their father. Unfortunately, in this fallen world, many girls are cheated out of this incomparable relationship. There are three basic questions that all children seek answers to; “Do you love me?” “Are you with me?” and “Will you keep me?” Answer these questions positively, and your daughter will grow up confident and secure.

Whether by choice or not, daddies are emotionally and/or physically abandoning their helpless daughters. They allow their daughters to navigate life without the training, guidance, uncompromising love and the security girls desperately need. Consequently, many grow up doubting their value, purpose, and lovability.

Do not open this book if you are not ready for a dose of reality. Laura will reach from her heart to yours to unlock an understanding of a secret that is in the heart of many, even now! It made me want to take my daughters and granddaughters in a big group hug, lasting forever!

—J. Otis Ledbetter Author/Conference Speaker Senior Pastor Sonrise Church of Clovis, CA Co-Founder/Heritage Builders Association

About the Author

Laura Hicks lives in Clovis, California. She is a wife, a mother, and a daughter. She is an active member of Sonrise Church. Laura is a full-time homemaker and a part time X-Ray Tech. She enjoys sharing her testimony. You can reach her @



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