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When I started the orphanage, I felt that God was calling me to care “for the least of these.”

 This is my story. I knew when I opened my home for abandoned and orphaned babies, that I would be caring for a very specific group of children.

Most of them would be infants, the least in size of the human species. They would be children without parents lacking even the most basic of necessities: the care of a mother. By being abandoned they would have been deemed the least in importance to even their own flesh and blood. Many of the children would most likely be suffering from some type of physical, mental, or emotional disability and disgracefully, in a third world society’s standards, these children are considered the least in significance.

Some would fit all of the above characteristics.I considered myself mentally prepared for the task I had been called to complete. Despite my assumed preparation, I had not fully grasped the meaning of “the least of these.” I did not comprehend that I would care for children that had received rejection from every human being with whom they had come in contact.

For The Least of These
By Stacey Smith

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 About the Author

Stacey Smith-Myers grew up as a child of missionaries in Quito Ecuador. After getting her Bachelor’s of Science degree in Family Studies and Child Development from Arizona State University, she returned to Ecuador at the age of 22 to open a home for abandoned and orphaned children. Over 40 children have been cared for under the foundation Precious Miracles. Stacey still resides in Ecuador where she continues to work on behalf of the precious little miracles God puts in her path.

Reader Reviews

Customer Reviews

Inspiring reading
Stacy inspires you with her remarkable love and care for children needing a loving home. She reveals her innermost thoughts as she seeks to follow God’s leading in her life to care for these abandoned children in Ecuador. The book captivates you to read it nonstop. I highly recommend it for anyone.

This is one of the most inspiring books I have ever read. What a love for her Lord through her love for these kids.
I highly recommend it!

a tear jerker
This is a true picture of the love that Christ has asked us to show everyone that we encounter. It is a wonderful read that will make a person look at their own life.


About the Book

Precious Miracles exists to provide integral care to children who are high-risk or crisis situations. By giving them love, affection, protection, individual attention, and stimulation, we desire to fulfill all their needs until they are united or reunited with a family. We want the children who have been under our care, to always feel welcome with us, to know that their lives are miracles from God, and to understand that to us they always are and always will be Precious. Precious Miracles Foundation began with the idea of providing protection, security, affection and love to healthy and special-needs children who have been orphaned or abandoned.

Precious Miracles was approved by the government of Ecuador as a non-profit organization in April of 2002, with Stacey Smith as the Executive Director. Stacey’s main interest in forming this home is due to the fact that she believes every child is a God-given Miracle, despite their problems and difficulties, they are still important in the eyes of God. It is our desire to give them everything they need to develop and thrive. We provide the basic needs of food, medical attention warmth of a home, stimulus, safety and most importantly the love and affection they did not receive before their arrival to our home. The main objective of the home is to care for and protect the children at all times.

The ideas that Precious Miracles has come with many sacrifices and much effort. These sacrifices are rewarded with the happiness, the love, and affection of each child who has passed through our doors. This is what keeps us going. During the difficult times, we remember what motivated us to start this project and the fruit that we have already been able to witness.

We have cared for 40 children up to this point. Many of the children we are caring for are children with special needs that have been rejected by other institutions. These children will stay under our care as long as we feel that we are the best place for them. The children in our home return to their biological families when it is possible for them to do so. Others are in the process of being adopted. Our maximum capacity is of 15 children at one time. We have full-time staff day and night to care for the children. We do wish to keep growing as long as we maintain the home atmosphere and we are able to continue to give each and every child the individual attention we feel they deserve.



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