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What will it cost you to play by house rules?

“Robert, I don’t have any savings. My house is worth less than I owe on it. I have no rich relatives. Mary’s car was totaled, and mine’s a piece of junk. I have little hope my wife will live, and if the child survives, he will be severely handicapped and need medical attention and care all his life.” Joe paused trying to imagine what the future might hold for him and his son. “Possibly down the road when I’m more financially secure, I can adopt your standards, if I feel convicted to, but for the time I’m stuck with the state plan. Besides, I’ve paid my taxes all my life. Don’t they owe it to me? I don’t see how I can do it otherwise.”

Joe has to face reality…everything he has worked for, everything he loves in life is crashing around him and he is being pressured on all sides to cave into the inevitable. Will he give up his rights and bow to the darkness surrounding him or will his faith in God’s providence, and his convictions cause him to do the absolute right?

“…in a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”    George Orwell

“You can never reform anything by unequally yoking yourself to ungodly men. True reformers separate themselves from the world.” D.L. Moody

Why we Wrote this Book

Many of our friends have asked what led us to investigate these issues and write this book? It certainly wasn’t an abundance of free time! We had plenty of activity to fill our days with running a small goat dairy, building a debt free home, raising and home-schooling our six children, and Darren working full time outside the home as a science teacher. In 2000 we began to study freedom, the constitution, and the code of federal regulations. This eventually led us to study socialism, communism, and the new world order. As we studied these topics, we saw an evil nobody seemed to be warning others about: the slavery of the church and the slavery of the common man. As a family, we have done what we could to protect our own family. As any follower of Christ should do, we began to warn friends and family of the dangers we could so plainly see facing our civilization. Most of our warnings fell on deaf ears.

It would seem few people want to consider the possibility they may be slaves. We felt the conviction of the Holy Spirit to write a novel to try and convey some of these truths to other freedom loving Christians, who might be open to the truth. As the task became long and arduous, we prayed time and again that God would raise up someone else to proclaim this message to the nation, and yet, God would not release us from the burden we felt. After the passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, better known as ObamaCare, we felt even more compelled to warn others of the dangers of enslaving our churches and our children. In this book we have only given you a small taste of the body of knowledge that exists on these two topics. Our prayer is that each of you, as individuals, will take the time to study out not only the dangers of church incorporation, but also the dangers of social security numbers and birth certificates. Why social security numbers and birth certificates? Because, these documents are the foundational documents for the enslavement of this generation and the next.
Some topics you might want to start your research with:
birth certificates and bank notes or bank securities
Slavery by Consent
Maritime law
admiralty law
Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)
The truth about your birth certificate youtube
Shadow Government by Cloudten pictures
information on getting a passport without a birth certificate


 Here are some comments that have been emailed to us about the book. . .

. . . Thank you for writing a book that will hopefully open the eyes of liberty loving people (esp. Believers) everywhere. I know this copy will not be the last I order. May the Lord bless and keep you and make His face to shine upon you.

Many Thanks,

Very early in the book, I appreciated the human face you put on the antagonists. Misty Sellers, for example, has her own issues and reasons for doing the things she does. The way you treat most of the antagonists, points the reader to consider the fact that we really do wrestle against Powers and Principalities unseen and helps us to remember that we are all lost sinners without a saving relationship with Jesus Christ.

. . . Great Book. It summarized nicely some of the things I have been thinking about in the last few years. You managed to deal with several imposing issues in one book and did it quite well. Everything from the benefits of goat’s milk to the pitfalls of a 501 (c) 3 filing. I also appreciated the Endnotes section. So that, if there is any question about your source material, the reader can do their own exploration. And indeed, many of the issues you address in the book, are vast and deep. Your “tip of the iceberg” treatment of Maritime Law, for example, should send the liberty loving, inquisitive reader to further research.

We met briefly at the end of the homeschool conference in Wichita. I was looking to make a last minute purchase . . . and stopped by your booth. You talked me into a copy of your book and I am glad you did. I just finished House Rules and it blessed me considerably.

. . . This book is a real page turner. . . .

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