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What every Christian should know about life.

ibelieve-kindleThe purpose of this study is to meet a widely felt need for an up-to-date and concise source book on the principal teachings of the Bible. It can be used for Sunday Schools or small group Bible Studies.

The twelve lessons in this book are designed so that one’s Bible becomes a necessary tool to fully understand them. After all, what the Bible says about a matter is much more important than what any human says about it. Most of the Scripture references are not quoted, the rationale being that the author felt it would be more beneficial for the reader to look up and read the references from the Bible itself. 

You can download the book immediately, and it is free for you to use. Please share it with a friend. Just go to the download button in the menu and download the book to your computer.

In order to read the book on your Kindle you will need to use the USB cord to move the file from your download folder on your computer into the documents file of your Kindle. You will be able to read the book on your Kindle after the file is transferred.




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