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The Divine Appointment Outreach is based on a recently released book entitled The Divine Appointment.


1,000,000 Homes for Christ

I am challenging all of my pastor friends to help me reach 1,000,000 homes with this witnessing tool.

Your people will be challenged to reach their neighbors and families in your church community with a 64 page booklet that not only teaches that everyone will one day stand before the Judge of all the Universe for their divine appointment, but shows them how to be ready. The booklet is entitled Are You Ready for Your Divine Appointment?

Here is How it works…

On a given day, teams of evangelists from your church will go door to door and place the booklet along with church literature on each door.
Your church can choose to reach as little as 1,500 homes in your community with a personalized book. Some churches can reach 3,000 to 10,000 homes or more. The booklet includes a clear Gospel Presentation at the end and invites the reader to accept Christ as their personal Savior.
The cost is… 

1,500 booklets with personalized back cover  – $1.25 per booklet ($1,875)  

3,000 – 5 K booklets with personalized back cover – $.95 per booklet (2,850-$4,750)

10,000 + booklets with personalized back cover – $.75 per booklet ($7,500 +)

The Divine Appointment Outreach…

Includes a downloadable Media Pak to compliment the booklet and series…The Media Pak can be personalized for only $99, and includes…powerpoint slides with layered media files…bulletin shell file…postcard mailer filler and invite card file. outdoor lawn banner file, 2 x 8 foot banner. One sermon for the outreach, or I can come and challenge your church to reach your community for Christ.


Coming soon will be website. Call me today at 817-494-6439 or email me at




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