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What is Bless the Children Day?

A Bless the Children Day is designed to attract non-Christian families in your neighborhood to your church with a view of winning them to Christ.  Most parents love their children and want the best for them.  When your church shows genuine love to their children and improves their lives, all parents and children can be won to Christ.

Sermon or Video From Elmer Towns

As a part of the Bless the Children Day, Dr. Elmer Towns will preach a sermon challenging parents to add value to their children by daily Bible reading, prayer, and discussion of God’s plan for their life or a video Introduction by Elmer Towns can be made available for pastors who want to conduct their own campaign. The parent will be able to get a Family Prayer Bible that has 365 stories, one for each day of the year.  This Bible is a tool for the parents to daily bless their children.

What One Pastor Said About Bless the Children Sunday

“We recently had a ‘Bless the Children Sunday’ at Sonrise Church. It was the largest outreach to families in our community that our church has ever experienced. Dr. Elmer Towns message was relevant and impacted our whole church. Each child was prayed for by our pastoral staff and received an official certificate and tassel. Many families bought the prayer Bible and committed to a time of devotion every day with their kids. It was an incredible day. Standing room only.”

— Dr. Otis Ledbetter

    Pastor Sonrise Church, Clovis California

Bless the Children Day Deliverables

The outreach campaign includes a detailed step-by-step Outreach Playbook, powerpoint slides, bulletin inserts, posters, and inside and outdoor banners.

Digital Resources

Included in your .zip file are graphic files for your marketing and communication needs.  We have given you the freedom of format and sizing to deal with any situation.  If you have needs beyond what we have provided, we will work with you to make your “Bless the Children Day” as successful as possible.

The Pastor’s Playbook

Bless the Children Day is an evangelistic campaign with a difference. Its aim is not just to give your church a high attendance day, nor is it to get names for follow-up. When done right, the campaign will take three weeks to plan, and two weeks to follow-up. Make sure to recruit all the team leaders to make the entire campaign a success from beginning to end. This could be a life-changing experience for many unsaved children and parents; not to mention the revitalization of your church.

The purpose of Bless the Children Day is to help churches carry out the Great Commission in their neighborhood. This begins by involving many church helpers in reaching out to the various families that they know, with the view of bringing their friends to church on Bless the Children Day. Then it continues by using media and door-to-door outreach to every family in your neighborhood.

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