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As part of 21st Century Press family, our resources enable us to grow our authors’ brands and careers, build stronger platforms to disseminate their content to the masses and foster passionate readers who thrive on inspiration. 

We are committed to providing the best author experience, creating content for readers in all formats, and truly working for a greater purpose.

Partnership/Royalty Press…Though we are a royalty press, I prefer to call it a partnership. As a royalty press, our authors have two options for publishing their book. The cost and benefits of both are outlined below.

Option One: The author only pays for the editing of the book, the design of the book, the placing of the book with a distributor, a marketing campaign, and, social media placement along with a micro website, landing. The author receives 50 copies of the book.

Option two: The author only pays for the books he or she purchases. The minimum purchase for the author is 500 or more books. The contract includes the editing and pagination of the book and the design of the cover.

Our continuing partnership includes getting your book and the digital version of your book placed on, the largest bookseller in the world and listed at Ingram, the largest distributor in the world. We also have a distributor that will call on Christian retailers across the country.

Royalties…Our authors receive a 20% royalty on the books sold through the marketplace. We are giving a 20% royalty on the sale of digital books.

We currently are accepting scholarly works, Christian living, personal growth, finances, leadership, prophecy, fiction, devotional, critical church issues, commentaries, and young readers, under the 21st Century Press imprint.

Sending your manuscript…You may submit a completed manuscript, comprehensive proposal, or query letter. We also have ghostwriters ready to work with you on getting your idea to print. Previously published/printed books may also be sent. We have worked with a number of authors to bring their backlist titles back into print. The best way to submit a manuscript is via email. Send your email to Review can take 30 days or longer.

We are here to serve you: For over 20 years we have been publishing books for authors; some first time and some veteran authors. Wherever you are as an author, we are sure you will find a home with us.

If you have a manuscript and want it published, feel free to call

Lee Fredrickson at

(417) 889-4803

(or e-mail

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