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Bless The Children Campaign Deliverables

The Pastor’s Playbook

Bless the Children Day is an evangelistic campaign with a difference. Its aim is not just to give your church a high attendance day, nor is it to get names for follow-up. When done right, the campaign will take three weeks to plan, and two weeks to follow-up. Make sure to recruit all the team leaders to make the entire campaign a success from beginning to end. This could be a life-changing experience for many unsaved children and parents; not to mention the revitalization of your church.

The purpose of Bless the Children Day is to help churches carry out the Great Commission in their neighborhood. This begins by involving many church helpers in reaching out to the various families that they know, with the view of bringing their friends to church on Bless the Children Day. Then it continues by using media and door-to-door outreach to every family in your neighborhood.

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Bless The Children Campaign Deliverables



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