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The idea of this book came to me on the 39th day of a 40-day fast. 

In this fast. I asked God what to write in a book to bless His Church.

I met an editor who asked what was the greatest answer to prayer during my fast. I had something better; I answered, “I’ve learned to know God . . . I’ve met God.” “Why don’t you write how people can encounter God?” he suggested.

As soon as the editor said the word “encounter” I immediately thought of my friend Steve Wingfield.  For almost twenty years, Steve has headed a proclamation evangelism ministry modeled after the Billy Graham organization.  Steve and his team conduct area-wide crusades which they call Encounters.  Wingfield Ministries has been kind enough to use me in recent years to conduct their Spiritual Leadership Conferences held in preparation for their events.

Because of my association with Steve and his association with the word “encounter,” I felt the Lord leading me to ask Steve to collaborate on this book about people encountering God.  He readily accepted and you are about to experience the result of our efforts.  As the book was taking form, the editor suggested to us that we include examples of our own God encounters because they would add credibility.  It was a good suggestion and, as a result, both of us share several instances from our lives when it was abundantly clear that God was there to make a transforming difference.

Encountering God
By Steve Wingfield, Elmer Towns

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Knock and the Door Swings Open

Every child of God can experience His presence. Elmer Towns and Steve Wingfield tell the incredible true stories of a dozen personal biblical encounters with God from the lines of Abraham, Paul, Elijah, even the woman who touched the hem of Jesus’ robe and was healed. You will also experience the personal testimonies of God encounters from such renowned Christian leaders as Billy Graham, Oswald Chambers, Amy Carmichael, John Wesley, Jack Hayford and Charles Finney.

Just as God touched all their lives, He is accessible to you through the Son… ready and anxious for you to see His face and know His touch. Expect it to happen when you least expect it!

About the Author

Steve Wingfield is founder and president of Wingfield Ministries, Inc., an organization dedicated to assisting local churches reach their communities for Christ.  He and his Encounter Team plan and conduct area-wide evangelistic events across the country.  Steve is the author of Live the Adventure.  He lives in Mt. Crawford, Virginia with his wife Barbara.  They have two children, Michelle and David.



Elmer L. Towns is dean of Liberty University’s School of Religion. He also teaches the 2,000-member Pastor’s Sunday School class at Thomas Road Baptist Church in Lynchburg, Virginia, and is a Gold Medallion Award-winning author whose best-selling books include Fasting for Spiritual Breakthrough, My Father’s Names, and The Son.

I am excited about Steve Wingfield and his Encounter ministry.  My heart’s prayer is that God will bless the ministry of evangelism through this book.

What Leaders are Saying


Billy Graham
Billy Graham Evangelistic Association
Minneapolis, Minnesota

I have known Elmer Towns and Steve Wingfield for many years, and I know of no two men more qualified to write a book on encountering God. Elmer has taught this subject here at Thomas Road Baptist Church, and the people felt closer to God as a result of this teaching, which was perhaps his most effective ever. I consider Steve to be one of America’s most dynamic evangelists. He has a passion for God and a heart for people. Encountering God will help you to meet our Lord, and when you do, you will know and experience Him.

Jerry Falwell
Pastor, Thomas Road Baptist Church
Lynchburg, Virginia

Jesus said that to know God is eternal life (see John 17:3). Through this study of His Word, Elmer L. Towns and Steve Wingfield help us to encounter and know our heavenly Father more intimately. Nothing could be more important.

Bill Bright
Founder and President
Campus Crusade for Christ International
Orlando, Florida

What an encouragement to know that God breaks into our lives at unexpected times! Through biblical and contemporary stories, Elmer Towns and Steve Wingfield admonish us to detect the hand of God in our lives today. I was uplifted and instructed, and you will be, too.

Erwin W. Lutzer
Senior Pastor, Moody Church
Chicago, Illinois

It is a joy to partner with Steve Wingfield in a day when many are saying “no” to proclamation evangelism.  Steve is a gifted evangelist who presents the Gospel with power and clarity.

Franklin Graham
Billy Graham Evangelistic Association
Minneapolis, Minnesota\
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Samaritan’s Purse


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