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I came to save the world I created.

  My message was simple, yet profound.

When I saw the multitudes following Me, I went to the top of a hill to teach My disciples and the multitudes. This is what I started teaching them:

When you are poor in spirit—totally dependent on Me—the kingdom of heaven is yours.

When you mourn—broken over sin in your life—I will give you consolation.

When you are meek—willing to set aside your rights—I will give you possession of the earth.

When you are hungry, and you thirst after righteousness—having a desire for outward holiness—you will be satisfied by My presence.

I healed people born blind,
I can heal you.

As I left the temple, I saw a blind man and My disciples asked, “Who sinned, his parents or this man that he was born blind?”

I answered, “Neither did this man nor his parents, but his blindness demonstrates the power of God. Each of us is given a task in life. We must do it in the daylight because the night comes when work ends. While I’m still in this dark world, I am the light of the world.”

Then I spat on the ground to make clay and then rubbed it on the blind man’s eyes and told him, “Go wash in the Pool of Siloam.” So he went and washed, and came back seeing.

I raised dead people to life,
I can raise you to new life

When I arrived, I found out Lazarus had been dead four days. Bethany was about two miles from Jerusalem, so many Jews had come to sympathize with Mary and Martha. When Martha heard that I had arrived, she went out to the graveyard to meet Me.

I sighed deeply. When I got to the tomb—a cave—with a stone closing the opening, I said, “Take away the stone.”

Martha protested, “Lord, the body stinks; he’s been dead four days.”

I answered, “Have I not told you that if you will believe, you’ll see the glory of God.” They rolled the stone away, then I looked into heaven, “Father, I thank You for hearing Me before I pray so that the people here will believe in Me.” Then I yelled with a strong voice, “Lazarus, come out!” Lazarus came bound, hands and feet with swaths of cloth, and a cloth wrapped around his face. I cried, “Unwrap him and free him.”

Only God can raise the dead to life. I raised Lazarus to life after he had been dead four days. I will do the same for you so that you can live with Me in Heaven forever.


I died on the cross for your sins and the sins of the world

So they led Me, carrying My cross to a place called “the Skull,” or in Hebrew, Golgotha. There they crucified Me, with two criminals, one on each side, with Me in the middle. Pilate had the legal indictment written and nailed to the cross: “Jesus of Nazareth, the King of the Jews.”

When I knew that the end was near, I said, “I am thirsty.” Some vinegar was there. So they soaked a sponge in some vinegar and put it to My lips. As soon as I tasted the sour vinegar I said, “It is finished!” Then I bowed My head and gave up My life. It was the day of preparation for the Passover, so they did not want the bodies, including mine, to remain on the crosses during the Sabbath. Therefore the Jews asked Pilate to break our legs and take down our bodies. The soldiers broke the legs of the first and second thieves who had been crucified with Me. But they saw that I was already dead, so they did not break My legs. However, one of the soldiers thrust a lance into My side, and blood and water flowed out. John the Apostle, who saw this testified to it. And his testimony is true, and he knows it is true so that you may believe it. This fulfilled Scripture, “Not a bone of Him was broken.” It also fulfilled another Scripture, “They shall look on Him whom they pierced.”

I came out of the tomb so I could give you eternal life with Me in Heaven

On the first day of the week, Mary Magdalene went to the tomb. It was still dark because it was early in the morning. She saw the stone was removed, so she ran to tell Simon Peter and John, the disciple whom I loved. “Someone has taken away the Lord from the tomb, and we do not know what they have done with the body.” So, Peter and John ran to the tomb; the younger John outran Peter. John looked inside the tomb and saw the linen clothes still wrapped together, but he didn’t go in. Peter didn’t stop, but ran straight into the tomb and also saw the linen clothes together and the death mask lying at another place. Next, John entered the tomb and examined everything. Then he believed that I had risen from the dead, and they returned to their house.

John had faith to believe that I rose physically from the dead. The empty tomb proves that I rose from the dead. You are saved by grace because you put your faith in Me. This faith is not your own doing, but My gift to you. You cannot boast that you had anything to do with it. I have made you what you are, a new person, created in Me, to serve Me.


I ascended back to Heaven, and one day I will come back to earth to take my own back to Heaven with Me.

After My death, I returned to heaven, but during the 40 days after My crucifixion, I appeared to the disciples from time to time, where I prepared them for life-long ministry, and I demonstrated to them proofs that I Am God the Son. In My last meeting with them in Jerusalem, I told them not to leave Jerusalem, but to pray until the Holy Spirit came on them in power. I reminded them, “John the Baptizer baptized with water, in a few days I will baptize you with the Holy Spirit.” But the disciples didn’t understand; they asked, “Lord, will You now restore the kingdom to free us from Rome?” 

I answered, “The Father has set that date, and it’s not for you to know.” I said, “But take the gospel into all the world when the Holy Spirit is come on you. Tell them about Me; beginning in Jerusalem, then Judea, next Samaria, and finally to the ends of the earth.” 

When I finished, I was lifted into the sky and disappeared into a cloud, leaving the disciples staring into the sky, looking for Me. 

Suddenly two men in glistening white robes said to them, “Why are you staring at the sky? Jesus has returned to heaven, and one day He will return just as He left.” 

While I am seated at the right hand of the throne of God in heaven, I will Help you live for Me until I return.


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