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My Triumphal Entry Into Jerusalem

My Triumphal Entry Into Jerusalem was on Sunday.

The next day—Sunday—news that I was coming to Jerusalem swept through the crowds of Passover pilgrims. As I came to Bethpage, I sent two disciples into the village, telling them they would find a donkey with her young colt tied there. “If anyone asks why you are taking the donkey, tell them the Master needs it to ride into Jerusalem.

This act fulfilled Scripture, “Tell the people of Zion, your king is coming to you, humbly riding on a donkey, even on a young colt.” The disciples did as instructed and found the donkey as I said. They put their coats on the donkey and I rode on a colt that had never been ridden by anyone.

 I know the future because I live there. Yield your future to Me; I will tell you how to serve Me best, just as I told the disciples about the donkey. 

Great crowds spread their coats on the road; others waved their palm branches as they went to meet Me. The crowds who marched in front of Me shouted, “HOSANNA to the Son of David, blessing on Him who comes in the Lord’s name, HOSANNA in the highest heaven.” 

When I entered the city, people everywhere were asking, “Who is this?” 

The multitude answered, “This is Jesus, the prophet from Nazareth.”

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