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My message to you is simple…believe that I can do what I said I could do!

I Came so that you might have Life and have it more abundantly.

I am the true saving Light who offers spiritual light to everyone in the world. I came to the world that I created, but those living in the world did not recognize Me as their Creator Savior. 

I came to My own people—the Jews—and they refused to recognize Me. 

But as many as recognize Me as their Savior and receive Me, I will make them My followers, simply because they believe in the authority of My name. They will be born again by My power, which is not a birth of blood, or the choice of people, or of flesh. 

I had all the celestial glory of heaven, but I clothed My heavenly glory with human flesh. God living in flesh was the greatest glory of all. I am the uniquely begotten Son, and have all the grace and truth of God. Just know this, that I AM eternal, I created the universe; I had eternal fellowship with God the Father; and I became flesh when I was born of the Virgin Mary. You should worship and praise Me for all that I AM and do. My grace was offered and your need of grace was fulfilled. The law of Moses condemned you to death, but My grace and truth gave you life. You could never have seen God the Father, but I came from His Spirit to show you what God the Father is like. 

Eternal life was manifested to you. You have seen it, and now you witness to others and tell them about eternal life which was with God the Father, and manifested to you.  That which you have seen and heard, tell others, that they may have fellowship with you, as you have fellowship with God the Father, and Me, God the Son. I have written these things to give you heavenly joy. I AM light, and there is absolutely no darkness in Me. So now you declare this message to everyone. If you tell people that you have fellowship with Me and yet you walk in darkness, you lie and deny the truth.  But when you walk in the light, as I AM the light, you have fellowship with other believers, and My blood cleanses you of all your sins.  

You can know you are my follower.

You know you are born again, because you believe I AM the Messiah. And all who love Me, love My followers also.  I know you are My follower because you love Me, and you do what I have commanded you to do. This is what loving Me means—keeping My commands, because they are not difficult.

I know you are My child, because you have victoriously overcome the lust of the world by faith.  Who else can overcome the world? Only those who believe that I AM God the Son.

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